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Embarking on a Collaborative Journey: Rothschild Wellness Institute, PrecisionFDA, and the Future of Genomic Medicine



Immerse yourself in the innovative world of precisionFDA, an esteemed collaborative platform tailored for the appraisal of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) assays and the examination of regulatory science.


As an integral part of this pioneering community, the Rothschild Wellness Institute and its subsidiaries are fully invested in promoting precisionFDA's goals. This remarkable platform serves as a hub for a global consortium of researchers, clinicians, and pioneers, all working together to assess NGS methodologies and shape industry benchmarks. By creating an arena for open data exchange, precisionFDA champions transparency, reproducibility, and progress in genomics research and precision medicine.


In our quest for excellence, the Rothschild Wellness Institute and its subsidiaries utilize the precisionFDA platform to enhance our understanding and application of regulatory science. We have access to a comprehensive array of tools and resources, enabling us to make significant contributions to this fast-evolving domain.


If you're a supplier to the Rothschild Wellness Institute and its subsidiaries and are interested in being part of this unique opportunity, we extend a warm invitation for potential collaboration with the prestigious precisionFDA community. We are ready to guide you through this process, assisting you in meeting the eligibility criteria and becoming an integral part of this esteemed consortium.


Should you need further information or have any queries about any topic, we encourage you to reach out. As we journey together into the captivating realm of precisionFDA, we look forward to assisting you every step of the way.


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