Live Well Pharmaceuticals, powered by the Rothschild Wellness Institute-Our Journey
Our Journey

Founded in 2009, the Rothschild Wellness Institute serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Habsburg Empire. Initiated by descendants of this renowned lineage, they transferred their generational wealth from Germany to the United States, before ultimately establishing a solid foothold in Hong Kong, China. This seminal step marked the birth of our global influence, consolidating our subsidiaries, fortifying our brand integrity, and ensuring regulatory compliance on a worldwide scale, inclusive of our esteemed international banking network.


Live Well Pharmaceuticals, a vital part of our operations, was born in 2006 as Age Management Panama Ltd. We initiated our journey by providing specialized preventive medicine services at Hospital Punta Pacifica, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins International Medicine. Following the receipt of our business license in 2008, we broadened our spectrum of services within Panama City, Panama.


Over the years, our stature as a reliable purveyor of premium compounded medicines, cosmetics, vitamins, dietary products, and personal care items has strengthened. Our reputation for excellence has flourished through our clientele comprising hospitals, doctors' offices, and wellness centers across the Republic of Panama.


Our global footprint expanded in 2009, with the inception of Live Well Pharmaceuticals Limited in Hong Kong. This arm of our operations facilitated access to existing marketing and distribution channels, widening our service reach to encompass 85 countries. At present, we specialize in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of an extensive variety of products, including superior proteins/peptides, sports technology, and oral supplements. Our expansive portfolio includes 50 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and over 200 generic pharmaceutical products.


Our steadfast focus on research and development fuels our innovation, driving us to make new medicines available to the global market. Our commitment to maintaining rigorous quality standards is evident in our usage of top-grade raw materials for the production of bio-identical hormones and peptides. Our output comprises products that meet the highest pharmaceutical-grade quality standards.


Our team, composed of bio-chemical engineers, chemists, pharmacists, and committed professionals worldwide, is the lifeblood of our operation. Under the guidance of Dr. Michael Rothschild MD, owner of Rothschild Wellness Institute and Live Well Pharmaceuticals, we consistently work towards the creation of revolutionary wellness solutions and therapies.


Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Rothschild, Rothschild Wellness Institute and Live Well Pharmaceuticals have solidified their standing as industry front-runners in integrative medicine and personalized health. Driven by a passion for innovation and patient-centric care, Dr. Rothschild's insights have fueled our growth, inspiring us to pursue perpetual excellence.


Live Well Pharmaceuticals is esteemed to possess over 20 globally recognized certifications from various countries and institutions. We stringently abide by GS1 product barcodes application and uphold FDA regulations, including the adherence to compliant labeling systems and precision FDA norms for Biotechnology. Our compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, SGS GDP guidelines, and the implementation of Anti-Fake Labels serialization underscore our unwavering commitment to product quality and consumer safety. Through strategic alliances with prominent biotechnology firms like Tumulus Biotechnology and Luowei Biotechnology, we maintain a cutting-edge position, staying in tune with the most recent developments in the field of biotechnology.


These affiliations, coupled with our uncompromising dedication to upholding quality standards and certifications, highlight Live Well Pharmaceuticals' firm commitment to delivering safe, superior pharmaceutical products while contributing to the global biotechnology industry's progress.