Live Well Pharmaceuticals, powered by the Rothschild Wellness Institute-Our Journey
Our Journey

Unleash the Power of Our Journey


Envision the birth of the Rothschild Wellness Institute in 2009, an embodiment of the indomitable legacy forged by the Habsburg Empire. From the heart of Germany, generational wealth embarked on a transcontinental odyssey, anchoring first in the United States before commanding supremacy in the bustling landscapes of Hong Kong, China. This transformative juncture signaled the birth of our unrivaled global influence, a symphony harmonizing subsidiaries, fortifying brand prestige, and orchestrating unwavering worldwide compliance, including the esteemed embrace of our international banking network.


At the nucleus of our operations emerges Live Well Pharmaceuticals, a phoenix rising in 2006 as Age Management Panama Ltd. Our odyssey unfurled as we infused the realm of Hospital Punta Pacifica, a hallowed ground affiliated with Johns Hopkins International Medicine, with bespoke preventive medical services. The birth of our business license in 2008 birthed a new era, expanding our domain within the embrace of Panama City, Panama.


Spanning the sands of time, our name metamorphosed into an emblem of trust, curating a tapestry of bespoke compounded medicines, resplendent cosmetics, vitalizing vitamins, nourishing dietary products, and opulent personal care artifacts. The echo of our unwavering commitment reverberates across continents through our synergies with citadels of health – hospitals, clinics, and sanctuaries of wellness.


In 2009, we redefined boundaries by birthing Live Well Pharmaceuticals Limited in the vibrant heart of Hong Kong. This bastion unleashed channels etched in history, spiraling our reach to embrace 85 nations. Today, our symphony of expertise enwraps the triumvirate of creation, distribution, and promotion, spanning a kaleidoscope ranging from advanced proteins/peptides and cutting-edge sports technology to the vitality of oral supplements. A treasure trove boasting 250+ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and a pantheon of over 200 generic pharmaceutical marvels stands as a testament to our prowess.


The crucible of research and innovation fuels our ascent, birthing new galaxies of medicinal marvels. We unfurl the banner of excellence through our obsession with the finest harvest of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), the very lifeblood coursing through the veins of our generics. Every creation whispers tales of adherence to pharmaceutical-grade sanctity, a reverence that echoes in the loftiest pinnacles of quality.


An orchestra of brilliance assembles – bio-chemical engineers, alchemist chemists, virtuoso pharmacists, and unwavering professionals spanning the globe. Guided by the maestro, Dr. Michael Rothschild MD, custodian of Rothschild Wellness Institute and Live Well Pharmaceuticals, we venture into uncharted territories, etching a saga of wellness revolution.


Dr. Rothschild, the visionary helmsman, transmutes our entities into vanguards of integrative medicine and bespoke well-being. The forge of innovation melded with the crucible of patient-centric devotion propels our march, ceaseless in its pursuit of excellence.

Live Well Pharmaceuticals stands tall, bedecked with laurels – over 20 globally hailed certifications. A meticulous dance with GS1 barcodes, an unyielding tango with FDA norms, encapsulates our commitment. The resplendent garb of ISO 9001:2015 standards, the surefooted embrace of SGS GDP guidelines, and the armor of Anti-Fake Labels serialization adorn us. Our alliances, like constellations, with luminaries such as Tumulus Biotechnology and Luowei Biotechnology, anchor us in the ever-evolving tide of biotechnology.


In this grand tapestry, Live Well Pharmaceuticals emerges as the sentinel, a guardian of quality, a harbinger of change. With every certification earned, every standard upheld, we craft a legacy sewn with security, a lineage enriched with excellence. Thus, we waltz forward, a minuet of progress, shaping the destiny of the global biotechnology realm.